Inpros has participated in a number of works from different sectors. This gives us extensive experience in
the services we offer and in our different areas of expertise.

  Minera Tayahua
Location: Providencia Terminal, Zacatecas
Duration: February 2013 to date

  Project features Services provided
  • Plot of 4,065,298 m2, 3,325 m2 total construction divided into:

• Tailings dam no. 6 with a capacity of 44,218,824.97 tons.
• 2 recovered water re-pumping pools with a capacity of 10,000 m3 and 3,500 m3
• Maintenance gravel roads
• 1.3 km rainwater diversion canal

• Construction management, supervision,
...coordination and monitoring
• Quality control
• Programming and monitoring of construction
• Budget supervision
• Detailed re-engineering, hydraulic works, roads
...and mining processes


  Minera Concheño
Location: Chihuahua-Sonora federal highway , Cahuisori, Chihuahua
Duration: April 2012 to date

  Project features Services provided
  • Internal road network (4.75 km)
• Industrial building (Merril-Crowe) 268 m2
• 400 m rainwater diversion canal
• 65 m concrete washer
• Construction management, supervision,
...coordination and monitoring
• Quality control
• Monitoring of preliminary design
• Programming and monitoring of construction
• Budget supervision
• Project re-design and revision

  Planta para extrusión de perfiles en aluminio
ocation: Av. La Presa No. 290 Col. San Juan Ixhuatepec, Estado de México
Duration: May 1999 - May 2000

  Project features Services provided
  • Total area of 16,109 m2.
• Production press building (9,510 m2)
• Warehouse and loading building with a 5 Ton crane bridge (2,926 m2)
• Profile painting building (2,561 m2)
• Service building for dining area and offices (1,112 m2)
• 844 m2 loading platforms and 4,109 m2 switchyards
• 2,000 KVA electrical substation and 200 HP compressor
• Revision of the structural project
• Quality control supervision and coordination
• Programming, progress monitoring and

  Planta Coca Cola Toluca
Location: Av. Cuauhtémoc 102 Col. El Olimpo Toluca, Edo. de México.
Duration: May 1997 - May 1999

  Project features Services provided
  • Production hall and warehouse (26,064 m2)
• Loading docks for raw materials and products (18,238 m2)
• Buildings for use as offices space, services, processing and production
.. in an area of 8,425 m2
• Wastewater treatment and processing plants, storm tanks.
• Electrical substations, boilers, chilled water, steam and CO2 pipes.
• Building for trash storage.

• Preliminary studies
• Construction management, coordination and
• Quality and budget control
• Programming and monitoring of construction
• Design of the clarifying building


  Distribuidora Coca Cola Los Reyes
Location: Mexico-Texcoco federal highway km 22.5 Tecamachalco, Municipio Los Reyes La Paz, Mexico
Duration: November 1997 - February 1998

  Project features Services provided
  • 5,760 m2 warehouse
• 2 story office building (1,426 m2)
• Maintenance workshop (377 m2) housing an archive area and spare
.. parts (223 m2)
• 52 m2 access control booth with a surveillance cabin
• Pump and tanks room, water treatment plant and rainwater tank, carburant
.. gas station, diesel station.
• Turnkey project
• Preliminary studies and entire project
• Construction licences and permits
• Construction work
• Construction supervision and coordination
• Quality control
• Management, programming and monitoring of
...the construction